Background Information

Moses was born in a family of two in March 4th 2019 in a small village called Kinungi in Nakuru County. Sadly in November 2022, Moses lost his mother while he was about to sit for his National examination.

She had been diagnosed with diabetes and kidney failure in 2021. She had been on medication and dialysis in Kenyatta National Hospital until her demise in November, 2022.

Moses and his brother, who is currently in grade 3, were left under the care of their grandmother, Jane. The grandmother had been diagnosed with high blood pressure 3 years ago which resulted in her being blind.

Life has been quite hard for them but they are very grateful to the fact that they are able to get their daily bread.

She went for surgery in April 2023 and can partially see and she is currently waiting her second surgery. She is grateful to God for giving her a second chance to see her grandchildren.

Moses and his brother were not privileged to meet their father before the mother passed.


Moses was enrolled in Kinungi Primary school where he went through his elementary education. In 2022 he sat for his National examination and scored 339 marks out of the possible 500 marks.

Moses was able to perform well despite the unexpected turn of events. The grandmother was very bothered as she could not afford to take her grandson to school as she was also coming into terms with the demise of the daughter and taking up the responsibilities of taking care of the orphans.

Moses learnt about ETW through his primary school teacher who helped him with his application process and he was lucky to secure the 2023 scholarship.

Moses was admitted to Archbishop Ndingi secondary school in 2023. His performance for the first term was quite satisfactory. We encourage Moses to keep working hard.



Moses is an excellent student who has a promising future. Through Mentorship, Moses is able to get shaped for better performance.


Message to Donors

I am very grateful for the opportunity to go to Archbishop Ndingi. God richly bless you all. I am able to stay in school where we are provided with all we need, I no longer have to worry about school fees and I am happy with the conducive environment in school. ASANTENI SANA.” Moses.

“I am very grateful to God because of Moses. When he did his exams and passed I was so happy. I had been disturbed and bothered of how Moses was to go to school, since he has no parents and I am left to take up the responsibility of being his guardian. Through the teachers, God manifested his love and Moses has been in school. I am grateful to God for ETW, may your going out and coming in be a blessing, and the favor of God follow you in all your endeavors.” Jane Wambui.