EWF Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program works towards helping our scholars to acquire skills that will help them in dealing with day to day challenges. It also promotes personal and professional development beyond any particular curricular or institutional grounds. We mentor our scholars to realize their full potential, be assertive and make wise decisions.
The mentorship assist our scholars to analyze their strengths and weaknesses to enable them eradicate doubts and uncertainties. It focuses on who they are, the challenges they face in life and how to overcome them.
Our scholars come from under privileged background and needs a lot of encouragement to become of great help in future.
Mentors help to pave roads to success for future generation enabling them to explore new ground and take new challenges more swiftly by avoiding some life journeys stumbling blocks.
Our mentorship program comprises of board members and professionals who visit our scholars in schools and share lessons with them. They mentor them in groups and as individuals.


Become a mentor by paying forward to the next generation by empowering our youth in school spiritually, academically and socially.
Looking for a man and woman who can influence our scholars positively.
Be ready to open your heart to a young man and woman and share your life and career experience.
Visiting the scholar once per term and sharing with her or him positively and also donating towards their personal needs.
We are looking for dedicated women and men willing to give their time and to support our scholars’ journey to success through mentoring them.

You may download the Mentor Sign Up Form here, fill it and send via email to us.