International women’s day (IWD) is set to celebrate the incredible achievements and contribution of women in our society and around the world, from pioneers of science, technology, and businesses to champions of human rights. Women continue to inspire and lead in every dimension of society. This year’s theme being: Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress, is a reminder of the importance of investing in women and girls. By investing in women, we are able to solve global issues enabling us to get solutions on how to end poverty, increase livelihood, promote education, and implement gender equity and inclusion.

Currently, the world is facing many crises ranging from geopolitical conflicts to soaring poverty levels and the escalating impacts of climate change not forgetting the effects of Covid-19. By investing in women, we can spark change and speed the transition towards a healthier, safer, and an equitable world for all. Education, workshops and advocating for women’s right are some of the instruments that ensure women’s needs and priorities are considered.
Empower the World Foundation (EWF) uses education as a powerful tool of change and empowerment. We proudly uphold and celebrate the achievements of the young women who have successfully completed our scholarship program and embarked on fulfilling careers. As part of EWF’s mentorship initiative, we had the privilege of welcoming back some of our accomplished alumni to address current students.
Their insights and experiences served as powerful reminders of the boundless potential within each of our students, inspiring them to reach their dreams and pursue their passions with confidence. This also raises a sense of pride seeing our students excelling and being able to stand out in a competitive job market.

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