World Youth Day is observed annually on the 15th of July. This designation was announced by the United Nations General Assembly in 2014, with the intention of recognizing the vital significance of imparting young individuals with abilities pertinent to employment, respectable occupations, and entrepreneurial pursuits. The theme this year is: Skilling teachers, trainers and youth for a transformative future. The theme underscores the pivotal role that educators, trainers, and other teaching figures assume in furnishing the youth with proficiencies necessary for their transition into the workforce and active participation within their societies and communities.
The Empower the World Foundation (EWF), through its provision of educational sponsorships, endeavors to aid young people in realizing their latent capacities. Enhancing the skillset of young individuals has gained growing significance, particularly as the global landscape gradually transitions towards sustainable development. Education 2030 devotes considerable attention to technical and vocational skills development, specifically regarding access to affordable quality Technical and Vocational Education and Training(TVET). This includes acquiring technical and vocational proficiencies tailored for employment, respectable occupations, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Additionally, Education 2030 aims to eliminate gender inequalities and ensure equitable access for marginalized groups, which is in alignment with SDG4.

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