About EWF


Empower the World Foundation (EWF) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization aimed at empowering orphans and vulnerable children with education through provision of scholarship in secondary school, college and university.
It is located at Naivasha town, Lancaster House 1st  Floor Room B23. It serves three counties namely; Nakuru, Narok, and Baringo.

It started as a primitive idea in January 2012 as an informal chat between friends to start an international foundation which will promote and encourage self-reliance for poor children in community to be able to identify themselves and meet their needs and participate fully in society. Education is power to those who embrace it hence we wish these destitute children could get access to secondary and university education.

EWF works towards changing the lives and future of bright children living in a desolate life of poverty through financing their education. The organization provides school requirements to enable the children have a smooth learning moment in various institutions. Many children lose hope since they cannot afford school fees to continue with higher education especially orphans and destitute children. They have no choice but to rely on generosity of well-wishers to make it possible.

EWF is working towards helping children so that the society can have a future of educated and empowered leaders from diverse economic background.
We invest in young people so they can achieve their goals in becoming great leaders.
We offer competitive, comprehensive scholarships to academically talented children from underprivileged backgrounds providing them access to the highest quality public secondary and and university education (whenever possible) available in Kenya

  • EWF has very serious intentions of fulfilling its mission with integrity by ensuring that they receive necessary support to improve the situation. 
  • The foundation will create and look for funding opportunities locally and internationally in other countries like USA, CANADA, Australia, UK and Dubai 
  • To mobilize resources for supporting and sustaining the project.


To improve the quality of life of the needy and vulnerable children through provision of education and thus eradicating poverty.


• To empower orphans and vulnerable children with education through provision of scholarship in secondary and post-secondary education..
• To eradicate poverty through empowerment of bright poor children.
• To add value to the poor children and bring about equality in the society.


To make education accessible to all for the eradication of poverty in the world


To effectively monitor the academic performance and efficiently meet the cost of education and related expenses to enable the needy bright children to access quality secondary and/or post-secondary education like any other child from able families.


The philosophy and experience of EWF is based on the reality that every human being is a unique individual and everyone is entitled to, at least, basic education for the empowerment of the society.


  • Equality for all: For God made all people equal; our organization is committed to a development process that promotes equality.
  • Rights and dignity for all: EWF believes in and strives to uphold the rights and dignity of all people especially in the rural communities.
  • Stewardship: EWF believes in serving the poor for God protects the dignity of every human kind.

Institutional partnership in development: EWF welcome and respects on going International initiatives and national policies to take care and to give support to poor bright and vulnerable children for the sake of poverty eradication. Our activities will be unison and collaboration with other stakeholders.


To work in partnership with other development partners, well-wishers, sponsors and other existing network to improve and implement the following activities:- 

  • Education for all needy children. 
  • Mentoring students to enable them make informed decisions.