andrew_muigaiAndrew Karanja Muigai 

Secretary, EWTF

Andrew was born 58 years ago, completed secondary school in 1976 and later joined Mosoriot Teachers College. He has been a leader in primary, secondary and tertiary institution and at his place of work and even in the community.
He is currently a teacher at Kinungi Primary School where he is the representative of theKenya National Union of Teachers KNUT) and a games master. He has also been an Assistant Secretary of Music Festival Program in Nakuru County for 3 years consecutively, and six years as Secretary of Co-Curricular Activities in Naivasha District.

As a catholic faithful he has served as a leader in his local church and parish. He was a parish secretary in St Lwanga Parish Githirioni in Archdiocese of Nairobi for three years and six years at St Francis Xavier Naivasha – Catholic Diocese of Nakuru. Currently, he is the elected Secretary Liturgical Committee Naivasha Parish.

In 2012 he was elected as a board member of Empower the World Foundation ETWF)and he has been a dedicated member in issues related with the organization. In 2014 he was elected as the secretary of the board. He is very faithful to his work and shows positive qualities.
He has been a community peer educator in HIV/AIDS and he has empowered many people spiritually, socially and academically. Being a teacher he believes that “Education is the key to life” so he has invested a lot of his time in mentoring our scholars both socially and academically.
He has also been our mediator since the foundation was started. He helps in recruiting new entrants to the scholarship – the poor bright especially from his location.